Debutante Ball 2014

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In the weeks leading up to the debutante ball, everyone involved was very busy preparing for the event of the year! Whether it was planning and organising everything for the night or practising their dance moves, everyone was invested to ensure the debutante ball was a huge success.


All the debutants were extremely excited and eager to learn their dance moves (whether they had two left feet or not!). Excitement filled the air as the hours of rehearsals eventually turned into minutes before the debutants’ final performance. Dressed in elegant gowns and suits, all the debutants were ready to impress the attendees. After calming their nerves the debutants and their partners took to the dance floor to render a breathtaking performance. The evening was definitely a night to remember!

Congratulations to Amber Jeftha, who not only raised the most funds out of all the debutants, but was also crowned the debutant of the year.

Photo and content contribution by Wayne and Amber Jeftha.

Debutante Ball 2013

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Confirmation Class 2013

Confirmation Class of 2013

A wonderful time was enjoyed by all attendants at the Annual Debutante Ball on 6 September 2013 in our church’s beautifully decorated hall. The audience were entertained by youngsters dancing, singing and rendering a piano recital whilst dining on delicious fruit, finger foods and snacks.

THANK YOU to Shimoné for choreographing a beautiful waltz performed by our confirmants that wowed the audience. THANK YOU also to the PLANNING COMMITTEE and everyone involved and that assisted, prior to and on the evening, to make the evening unforgettable.

Last but not least, our sincere gratitude to our Heavenly Father who made this evening possible and blessed us with a memorable occasion!