CYM Weekend

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Friday, 14th March 2014 (Stay awake)

On the first day of an exciting weekend, the CYM members turned up in great numbers to have fun, rejoice in God and to STAY AWAKE. And what a success it was! With games such as musical chairs (which later became “grab a chair and run away with it’) and attempting to shout orders at a blindfolded person across a room-filled with people simultaneously shouting out orders to other blind folded people – there was no time to even catch a nap! Day 1 of the youth weekend….AWESOME!


Saturday, 15th March 2014 (Trip around the world)

After a short nap after the stay awake, it was time to travel around the world! A food-filled hall, decorated with flags and youth members dressed up in traditional clothing representing 5 different countries namely India (Akni), South Africa (Boerewors) Greece (Dessert), Italy (Mac and Cheese) and France (Salad). The food smelt divine and tasted even better! A final profit of R3736.00 was made.  Day 2 of the youth weekend…. SUCCESSFUL!


Sunday, 16th March 2014 (Youth Prayer Day Service)

After a fun-filled and sleepless weekend, the final stop was insight. A day of prayer and thanks was set aside for the youth in order to say thank you to the Lord for sparing us, being with us and carrying us through difficult times and also ensuring that we are a UNITED in our fight against sin. After the wonderful praise and worship a few prayers by the Sunday school, CYM, brigade and also dance performed by the spiritual dance group. A powerful sermon was brought by Henry Payne concerning praises to God and how we praise God. This sermon was indeed a perfect finish to an incredible weekend. Final day of the youth weekend….A BLESSING!


Written by Rogan Jacobs