Weekly Announcements – 16 March 2014

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  • Deidre Kock


    Seeing that announcements are available on the church’s website,why still feel the need to announce it in church? It’s time consuming and totally defeats the purpose.

    And yes I am aware of people not having smartphones to view the website, like maybe your elderly people, so why not print these out to them in advance? Just a suggestion to beat having to sit and listen to things aleady available.


    • jduplessis


      Thanks Deidre, we welcome and appreciate comments like yours. It helps the team in the direction it should take but also serves as input for the Liturgy Committee.

      The purpose of publishing Weekly Announcements on our website is not intended to replace announcements in church. It serves as a medium for those who didn’t attend the service as well as a reminder of upcoming events/meetings for all congregants.

      Preparing and printing ±500 announcement pamphlets/flyers weekly will not only incur huge expenses but it too, is time consuming.

      What also needs to be borne in mind is that announcements are submitted during the week, approved by the Church Council on Sunday mornings only, before the service commences and then only relayed to the congregation.

      Unfortunately, like you mention too, not everybody is by the means to access the website.. For those who can, however, our main aim is for our website to be informative and “alive”, to create interest and attract comments – like yours 🙂 It keeps the communication going and yes, all ideas are valued and will be passed on the the appropriate commission. Your comment will be forwarded to the Liturgy group for them to look at fresh, crisp and a more efficient way of conveying announcements without incurring more expenses, in the future.

      Remember lastly, that our aim with the website is to enable not only our congregation but people worldwide to view announcements and all other features that will be publishing as it is submitted by our various organisations and commissions.

      We can do so much more with our website and this comment from our side serves as challenge to our members, congregants, organisations and commissions to submit as many articles as they please, to vgk.retreat@telkomsa.net One of our ideas are to publish stories submitted by congregants – watch this space for further information (our team are convinced that you’re going to love it!!!)


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